Life on Instagram…

Life on Instagram has been entertaining… from principal dancers re-graming my doodles to requests from dancers all over the world! The blog has been keeping me busy and will be entertaining you soon. I have great interviews with dancers from: Vienna State Opera, Royal Ballet, Ballet West, English National Ballet and Miami City Ballet. So stay tuned for more of the #corpsdeballetconfessional

I hope everyone got to see the live stream of National Ballet of Canada’s La Sylphide… I fell asleep but the reviews were really positive. See more of National Ballet of Canada by clicking here.
sonia rodriguez.png

In other news, I keep dreaming of going to go blog the YAGP but haven’t heard from anyone over there, and financing seems to be difficult- but I am still being optimistic. I am also wondering if I should change careers and if I should try to make this blog my full-time job. So, what is next for me? Who knows… With my birthday just around the corner, I keep questioning my career… Part of me wants to leave fashion and PR and move into Ballet PR, social media, and blogging/ dance magazine/resource… So, I don’t know… Life throws so many curveballs.

What is next? What is next? so confused…