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LOOKBOOK: Ballet Romantic

by ashleylorrainebaker

We had the incredible pleasure to work with the beautiful and gracious, Ashley Hod, and the charming and charismatic, Andrew Vyette during their stay in Arizona, NYCB closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two were extremely inspirational during this difficult year; staying diligent in staying in shape, while also continuing to teach amidst the pause on in-studio work with New York City Ballet in their home State. The couple posed for A Ballet Education, featured in local Arizona designer Leonor Asipuro‘s collection. The collection is a whimsical flurry of soft colors, creating the perfect romantic shoot for these ballet superstars.

The feeling or idea I have always felt that captured the essence of love is enrapture. The sensation of love is to be enrapt in warm tones and soft smiles. In the brightness of summer, I hope you all feel an exhilarating bliss by the sunlight as you enter each day and fall deeply in love with the every movement your body makes.



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