Meet Edgar at the Warehouse…


photo of the homie taken by me at my house. Haha… yes… I have attractive friends… it is one of the perks of formerly working in fashion… but they are also really great people!


So, a lot of you have been getting emails and instagram posts that are signed Edgar at the Warehouse. Some of you have no clue who he is, well actually most of you don’t know who he is… He should have been a ballet dancer because his body proportions are perfect, he has good feet, perfect turn out and is extremely hypermobile… I want to punch him. But that is neither here nor there… He is one of my homies and has been helping me ship everything out. If you have ordered from me- EVERYTHING that was back-ordered or pre-ordered went out today with the exception of one package to Japan and one package to Australia because we can’t get a hold of the purchasers… Because of his hard efforts, everything is shipping with 48 hours of being placed… The reason behind all this? We now make everything in house! Yup… all the shirts are printed by either myself or Edgar. So, when it comes to ordering… Edgar is your guy… He also is helping keep up the inventory on the site… I have a bad tendency to see stuff around and ship it out to friends, company dancers or family…. not realizing that it was already sold to someone. >.<

So… besides being my helper, Edgar is basically a sales rep in fashion and has offered to help me out a lot, so with that being said… Edgar is the homie. Don’t be scared of Edgar.

International orders…. soooo, because international shipping is so expensive, you can pack up to 4 pounds in an international shipment and it doesn’t really affect the price… I’m not saying load up your shopping carts, but I am saying that if you are going to purchase in the customer notes- ask to hold the older for (blank) amount of days just to see if there are any other products that hit the store or insta that you like, and we can bill for the items so you don’t pay double for shipping. And some of you are like seriously committed to a Ballet Education, and I greatly appreciate that… Thanks for understanding! EVERYTHING has shipped except those two orders, but so if you don’t have your stuff in a week, please let us know! Also check your spam box for the notification email that your order has shipped…. A lot of the auto-generated emails are getting sent to spam. Also, a lot of our emails are getting sent to the spam folders!