Memorial Day SALE

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is here! For a lot of us, it is the last break before Summer Season… while others have to work or they are being hardcore and working through the weekend… For a Ballet Education, I am going on holiday!! Okay, it is also Edgar’s birthday, and we have been planning this trip for a while. So, while we do our Panda trip, I wanted to give you a quick update…

BALLET TEACHER PROBLEMS 3If you placed your order today before 9:00 AM they were shipped out! If you placing your order over the holiday weekend they won’t ship until June 3, 2016. Edgar and I will be out of the warehouse and office until June 1st. Sorry! Also regarding the store… This is the last weekend the Ballet Teacher Problem shirt will be available as I am retiring it…. There are two new series I have been working on that will be revealed the first part of June. They are really good and quite funny… June will be the last of the new releases until August for Back to School as I am trying to catch up and be on the fashion season calendar and not this go as I draw kind of thing. (If you are a dance retailer, the Fall Collection will include Nutcracker season apparel, feel free to contact me if you are interested in having it in your store.)

Doodle Book 2 CoverI sent the second doodle book to the printers last night…. Which means this weekend is the last chance to pre-order. So that is exciting, everything from the past two months is in the book and a bunch of others…. So that is pretty cool. The Nutcracker Children’s book is almost done as well. That has taken a bunch of time, but totally worth it all.

A lot of you have been asking for the technical book, but I don’t think it is going to come out until the end of 2017… It takes a lot of time to write and edit a book :/ I could try to self-publish it, buuuuut that is way too costly… and with the publisher the price of the book would be around $60, and the price if I self-published is like $135… So… that is that.

Mmmm.. don’t forget posters are on sale for $9.99 and mugs are on sale as well!

Also… soon to be available for the CIRIO COLLECTIVE…. the doodles I did for them has been turned into beautiful stationary!!


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