My First Ballet Class…

my first ballet class

So, I started this series on Instagram, and I actually really enjoyed it… Memories from growing up in ballet…. Your first costume, to the time you get to dance flowers… but on flat… The list goes on and on… It is funny to think that when you started ballet you had this awkward body, borderline animal or alien-like and somehow you turned it into a swan… Or you wonder how you became a professional when you watch horrible videos, or see disastrous photos…. Sure it was cute,  but you have a come such a long way. With the season practically over, let us take a moment to reflect on our first year of ballet, or the early years and celebrate that we got better. So, as promised, I have created 3 new 11 oz mugs! And for the big coffee drinkers I hope tomorrow the 15 oz samples are done… Sorry for poor quality of lighting on the photos… the lighting is really bad at the warehouse… The first one is from my first ballet class:


The second mug I designed is based on the popularity of 5 Reasons why we fell in love with ballet

Finally, I made a Fat Panda Mug… mostly because you all asked… and I struggled using regular text or my own handwriting but everyone preferred my messy writing… sooo here it is: I can not plié or do ballet until I finish this cup. Thanks.