My Personal life…

I couldn’t sleep tonight. An e-mail came to me earlier today and it has been bothering me, a lot. I have been getting e-mails both good and bad, I have been getting comments galore, both good and bad. Regardless, an e-mail came to me earlier today that has gotten under my skin; which is rare. So, time to address some things:

This is my blog, my opinion. No one is forcing you to read it, no one is begging you to read it. In fact, this blog is literally just therapy for me. Yes, I offer services that include PR, consulting, and editorial work… but that is what I do in real life and am very successful at it. I am not looking for your validation, I am not looking for your acceptance. Nor, do I care. Here is what I will say… You should be ashamed that you have the nerve to write me and inform me that my sexuality and personal life appalls you and I don’t have any business writing about a children’s art…

No one asked you to stalk my personal life. My personal life is mine. I didn’t ask you to read my personal blog, find my personal IG, and so forth. If you are so appalled at my sexuality…. I hope you realize your daughter is entering into the world of arts, which is slightly more liberal than most professions. If my homosexuality is so offensive, just wait for your daughter to enter into ballet school…

So, to elaborate on my personal life:

  1. Yes, I am openly gay. In fact, I am super gay. I pride myself on being a great gay man. 
  2. My dad’s passing away did not cause me to act out on IG, or become this wild child. I have always gone out. It is a part of my job to go out and network: between fashion events and social events, I do go out a lot.
  3. My morality… I am not even going to go there.
  4. And, despite your popular belief that I am promiscuous… Whether or not my sex life even matters, all of those men in my pictures are my friends. Because my family isn’t the most accepting of my sexuality, my friends are everything to me. If I want to hang on them, and take selfies, and go out with them, so be it. It really is none of your business.
  5. Finally—- as I shouldn’t even let this bother me whatsoever, the fact that is has. The fact that you have condemned me to hell and beyond, why did you feel the need to write me? Why did you take the time out of your day to say such hateful things? I am in bed laying here, wondering what kind of person has time to write such things. Or, what kind of person takes time out of their day to inform me at 8 in the morning that I am going to hell? Seriously, who does that?

On another note— I will be away for a while, and won’t be blogging for a while— i am kind of over all of the negativity in the world.

10 responses to “My Personal life…”

  1. Just want to say that I have enjoyed your blog a lot. It is quality opinion, analysis and information for anyone interested in ballet and ballet education. As for the email, it is more of a reflection of the author’s intolerance and ignorance than of who you are. I wish you a nice break and replace the negativity with some positive energy in the meantime.

  2. Sadden that you have experienced such horrible things from comments.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog as if offers your some insight to the dance world from a dancers eye.

    I am the mom of a dancer bun head for life almost 16 year old who takes class 5-6 days a week despite being told at a young age she didn’t have the correct feet. It is her love her drug her solitude to be in the studio at the barre and center

    Thank you again for writing and perhaps you will push through the pain inflicted by others and continue to write

    Sending you a xoxo

    From not your average dance mom

  3. Please don’t stop writing. Your insight and candor are refreshing. You have a unique voice that needs to be heard. Bravo to you. Chin up and ignore the ignorant.

    My best,

    Mare’ Sent from my iPhone

  4. I have enjoyed your blog. As the mother of four beautiful dancers and the sister of a wonderful openly gay man, I just want to say keep your head up and do your thing. There is room for all of us in or out of the dance world.

  5. sorry to lol but what a lot of angst over nothing…I just ha[ppened upon your blog and don’t really know much about it or you, but to the ballet mothers worried about morals and ethics in the ballet world: sorry to tell you this ladies but it’s not the gay men you need to watch out for, its the heteros, the controlling and condescending (and yes sometimes predatory) attitudes that (some) of them will have towards your daughters….mothers always worry about the wrong things.

  6. I stumbled upon your blog today, a mother of a 12 year old dancer, and I have to tell you that I have enjoyed every piece that you have written. You have taught me so much and given such great insight that I wanted to let you know that you are truly appreciated and i hope you continue to leave us such gems of wisdom. Thank-you!!!

  7. ok, Ive been reading over and over your posts, as a mother of two young boys 11 and 9 years, enamoured with ballet, in a little quiet town in italy (the town where they invented Nutella –I take them to lessons thru the heavy perfume of hazelnuts and chocolate). Can I just say that I think you are doing such an important thing, writing about what needs to be done to help your kids do what they want to do in this art. I have scoured the internet for 2 years trying to understand, and you just have blown away all the cobwebs of doubt and incomprehension thru this blog.

    Let them write their hate mail…and you keep on loving your friends. love always goes so much further.

    I hope that you keep on writing for us.