Need a teacher for summer course?

summer program.jpg

Need a teacher for summer course? I realized that sinceI am not at the school in Arizona I moved out here for… I am free… Haha… I know it is super late in the game but I just thought I would throw it out there. So, what does it take to get me to come to your school? Not that much…. The Cost Breakdown:

-1 travel expenses from PHX airport to wherever you are located.
-Hotel & food accommodations
-My rate per class, which is negotiable.

What I can teach? Ballet all levels including pointe, variations, and pas de deux but prefer ages 11+… I also do workshops for parents, teachers, and students for nutrition, careers, Q+As and more. Additionally, you will get a signed copy of the magazine, a year subscription to the digital magazine and a poster. Available all summer long. Feel free to email me: aballeteducation@gmail.com