New Company? New Idea? New Project?


When I started a Ballet Education, it was just a blog where I vented about ballet politics… It became a success overnight, but then it evolved. Somehow it evolved into technique, FAQs, and social commentaries about ballet… Then it evolved into my doodles, and through my doodles,  I have been able to help individual ballet students go to summer programs. Now, it is time to help on an even larger scale. If you are a ballet company, ballet school, or ballet project: I want to help you. 
For the past five years, I have worked in fashion publishing and PR for start-up companies around the world and have helped them grow and stand on their own two feet. I know the importance of crowdfunding, but more importantly, I know that most of them fail due to poor marketing. So, with that being said I want to help and here is how: I would like to help your business or company by doodling a product and putting it in my store and featuring your company on my blog. The proceeds from each sale of that particular 1 item will go to your company.

Here is who is eligible for this…
1. Start-up companies and dance projects… (under 5 years old) If you are a ballet school, you can apply, it might just be a longer process for you.
2. Preferably be a non-profit, but if you aren’t a non profit or have no intentions, at least have a great mission statement.
3. Be contributing to the world of professional ballet.
4. Be willing to communicate a lot with me because I am not going to endorse or feature a company that I know nothing about…. You will also probably be asked to provide some sort of financial plan or business plan… I can’t just blindly throw money at a business…