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Self made Super Star

Sound the alarm, YOU are taking control of your social media accounts! Take it from us, not all posts have to be professionally made, but you also do not want the post that you made to look bad either. We’ve got you covered!

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THE PAQUITA FILES: Notes on Variation 2-ish

One of my favorite variations to coach is the the Paquita Variation from Ondine. This waltz variation is often overlooked because it is short and dancers often think that it doesn’t show off enough at ballet competition. WRONG. Totally wrong. All Wrong.

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A BALLET EDUCATION Teaching Curriculum Proven Results Ballet for Everyone

A Ballet Education’s official curriculum is now available for pre-order.





We are very excited to announce that our foundation is officially a non-profit. During the 2020-2021 season, A Ballet Education was able to offer numerous scholarships to students at The Ballet Clinic and has been able to help out numerous students with pointe shoes, expenses and tuition. We were also able to giveaway tons of products including planners, stickers, shirts, and backpacks. Through the foundation we have been able to partner with Grishko’s NG Generation and Youth America Grand Prix to donate products to their organization’s participants. The 2020-2021 fiscal season, we were able to give away over $100,000 dollars! So, so thank you for supporting A Ballet Education, as it gives back to the dance community.



Turning in to find your TURNOUT

Turning In to Find Your Turnout  I think there is a big misunderstanding among ballet teachers and other teachers when it comes to turn in

Notes of Pirouettes en dedans…

Notes on Pirouettes En Dedans… Working on pirouettes en dedans (pirouettes to the inside) can be hard. While it seems like they are easier than

Notes on Demi Plié

Ballet is hard. Really hard. No matter how ballet has progressed, the fundamentals of ballet have always stayed the same: turnout, pointed feet, and becoming

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Sunday Self Care: Meal Prep with 5 Fast Filling Snacks

Time is of the essence these days. Between training cross-training, and private coaching, it seems that the hours escape us. And in the middle of the day, you are hit with hunger, not lunch hungry, but snack hungry. While it is easy to grab a bag of chips, or a chocolate bar, and even the healthy protein bar, sometimes that just won’t cut it. For a lot of us, we get the munchies, we crave that wonderful salty- sweet sensation.

9 Super Foods for You

They say you are what you eat. If that’s the case, then I would be made up of charcuterie, brunch items, and donuts. Now, we

Perfect Ballet Summer Salad

Summer is here, and sometimes I get tired of eating the same old salad. With ballet being so weight conscious we get consumed with the


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On the Move

Stepping out in 2021’s pre-fall fashion has a new meaning when you are entering the next part of your ballet journey featuring Marcus Ian Taylor (Golden State Ballet and Pilates)

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