PHOENIX BALLET, the new game in town

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take over Robbie Downey’s LiveStream on BalletBabble/BalletFreak and it was pretty great. Phoenix Ballet officially opened yesterday, as they are gearing up this month for their new show “Ballet Moods” May 19-20 at the Orpheum in DT PHX. (You can get tickets here) So, what does this mean? What does this mean? For a long time, the only ballet company in Arizona was Ib Anderson’s Ballet Arizona. Queue in Slawomir Wozniak, and now we have the rise of Phoenix Ballet. Phoenix Ballet is already pulling in social media superstars from their school, Master Ballet Academy.

(Photo of Juliet Doherty and Slawek Wozniak)

So, yesterday was the ribbon cutting ceremony inviting the public and previewing their new massive studio space. Yesterday, on the live stream you could have caught the following performances:

Tia Wenkman “Diana and Acteon” >> Ms. Wenkman is ridiculously flexible. with gorgeous lines and beautiful facility.

Amber Skaggs “Satanella” >> Bringing a lighthearted and effortless quality to the performance, Ms. Skaggs was a pleasure to watch.

William Jackson Beckham, Robbie Downie, McKenzie Thomas, pas de trois “Paquita”>> Paquita Pas De Trois is one of my favorite things to watch, especially when the dancers’ ballon becomes the focal point, a quality that all three has in spades.

Avery Gay, contemporary by Travis Wall >> This tiny little human possesses star quality and immaculate articulation.

Madison Penney “Esmeralda” >> Winner of the YAGP Jr Division, Madison Penney delivers every time. With turnout for days and effortless lines, Ms. Penney is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Juliet Doherty and Slawomir Wozniak Jr, “Be where I’m Not”  by Krista King Doherty >> Juliet Doherty brought something completely new to this performance. As the world has watched Juliet grow up, this choreography from her mom, was a very sweet and subtle gift of maturity.

Joel Dichter in “Pas d’esclave” from Corsaire>> Young Mr. Dichter was nice. He is definitely being groomed for that male bravura dance type.

Phoenix Ballet, excerpts from Albert Blaise Cattafi‘s String of Thoughts >> As this is going to stand as the company’s first rep piece, Mr. Cattafi, resident choreographer to Phoenix Ballet, captures the score through his choreography of cannons, subtle human interactions, and active stillness. Juliet Doherty shines in the elegant pas de cinq of women. Again, Mr. Cattafi brings a range of human emotions to the music. While this section ended with women supporting women, this piece was probably the most relevant of the contemporary pieces. String of Thoughts will take center stage at Ballet Moods May 19 and 20. Catch me in the audience May 20. (You can get tickets here

**Editor’s note: Originally the post was published as Ballet in Phoenix, the new game in town*


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