Preparing Pointe Shoes for Beginners

When it comes to pointe shoes and pointe work, there are many, many, many debates on…well almost everything about them. There are so many different opinions out there, making them hard to digest all the information floating around. Well, don’t worry, this is not one of those posts that is going to tell you all about the questionable information living on the Internet or what you should and shouldn’t do.

When it comes to pointe work, every foot is different and every child unalike. The same goes for every pair of pointe shoes. Therefore there are infinite numbers of possibilities and problems that can surface. Recently, we did an Instagram Live showing everyone how we prepare our beginning dancers for pointe work, and now it is available online. In this video we show you how to darn, raise the throat, taper the heel, and take down the sides of pointe shoes.

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