Branding and Marketing for Dance and Ballet Schools and Businesses


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✅Has your revenue/customer base plateaued? Do you struggle with creating a work-life balance?
✅What is your MARKETING PLAN? Do you even have a marketing plan? When was the last time it was UPDATED?
✅Is it sensitive to how your business has EVOLVED in light of the pandemic?
✅Ever wonder why some schools and social media influencers make it look so “EASY”?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this e-book!

David King’s A Ballet Education, an influencer in the world of dance and ballet, takes you step by step through branding and marketing for your business. 

Hey everyone, I have taken everything I know from my experience in the world of branding and marketing inside of dance have compiled it into one e-book for you. Join me on this journey, as I walk you through the step by step process I take every client through.

48 pages, full color.


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