After teaching, coaching and running a company… One of the biggest things that interferes with an education in ballet is the lack of financial resources for students. This isn’t like college, so there is no FASFA to fill out.  After the success of sending one of my students to a summer program off of fundraising, I decided that I would use my real job to help create a scholarship fund.  When you shop a ballet education, 30% of the sale will go into a scholarship fund. The big goal is provide scholarship money to students for summer programs, pointe shoes etc; choreographers, and professional dancers pursuing other endeavors to further ballet.  Right now, I would just like to start raising money, so that when your student gets an acceptance letter, but no financial aid, aBalletEducation can help out. To shop and support A Ballet Education’s Scholarship Fund click here.

The application to receive financial aid is below. If you/ and your child are selected, you will be contacted for further information- We will ask for two photos so we can publish your story as well. Please make sure if you are selected you set up a PayPal so we can transfer you the money with no fees.