Should You Homeschool?

There comes a point for a lot of dancers who have to make the choice of homeschooling. Ballet is so time-consuming, so there has to be a “give and take”. I myself, did high school online and finished in two years, third in my class and with my AA. So, if you are self-motivated it’s a great opportunity to balance dancing and education. The video below was made by a ballet student about her experiences with online school. (@chloechka_art) Props to her for animating at the age of 15, because I am like dying just doing 2D drawings.


So, how do you know when it is right to homeschool? There comes a point where the hours in the day are running short, and it seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day to balance school, homework, dance and rehearsals. For some, the answer is easy and it is to homeschool. While homeschool isn’t for everyone, for those who do want to pursue that option, it isn’t as hard as it seems. Nowadays, you just need to fill out an affidavit and set up your curriculum. If you can financially afford to purchase curriculum that’s probably the easiest way. If you can’t afford to buy a set curriculum, you can piece it yourself. But, one of the best things you can do is find an online charter school in your state.

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If you are ready to homeschool and don’t know how to talk to your parents about it, ask your dance teacher, and they should be able to help explain the reasons why, and provide you with proper guidance. If they can’t, you can show them this article.

Parents, if you are student shows you this article, or you yourself are considering homeschooling here are some reasons why homeschooling might be a better option for your child:

  • To be a part of a pre-pro program most start at 10:00 AM or 1:00 PM.
  • Most ballet dancers are self-sufficient and can work at a faster pace so they don’t waste time.
  • Homeschooling allows for more hours of dancing and rehearsals, not to mention if you are asked into a year-round school, it’s an easier transition.
  • Travel time. It also saves on travel time and chauffering around.
  • It allows dancers to excel at their own pace. Sometimes it is frustrating not being able to control the progress in the ballet studio, so having control of progress in education is a good feeling.

Finally, homeschool isn’t for everyone. Some schools will allow dancers to leave early and skip out on elective and PE classes in exchange for their dance school to sign off on hours. This allows for more hours of dance. And, you should never compromise the quality of education for your dancing because an education is something that no one can take away. You also will need it as a backup plan if you get injured or if you don’t get a contract.

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3 responses to “Should You Homeschool?”

  1. Thank you for this article. I am a homeschooling mom with a ballet daughter. I find that one of the biggest time saver in homeschooling is that there is no homework. Let me be super clear: there is still a lot of work. But once you learn it with, say, an online program, you don’t have additional work to reinforce what you need to know, which is the whole purpose of homework. There just isn’t opportunity for the teacher to make sure all 30+ kids know everything that’s being taught so they give homework to make sure each student knows it. One thing I do find that is more time consuming is that we have to commute to everything. We do hands on science labs that we have to drive to. If we do sports, it doesn’t happen at school so we have to commute to that. There are trade offs, but it is definitely something to consider. Again, thank you for this website. I am using it to familiarize myself with the ballet world to help guide my daughter.

  2. Requirements for homeschooling vary by state and aren’t necessarily as easy as “filling out an affidavit”. Please consider editing that part of your otherwise well-written article to include looking up on the http://www.hslda.org website for details about each state.