Star Signs, Shopping, and Ballet

The Co-Star app, memes and more! Horoscopes are back! Shop you star sign styled by us! Have some fun this season and style your outfits based on your star sign. Don’t forget to check out our contest on Instagram and enter to win big!

Aries: Be a leader. Be bold and ambitious. Go Custom and hit the kids with an Elevé Leotard.

Taurus: You chill. You got this. We get it. Hit them with those cool, serene, “I got this attitude.” Shop Ballet Rosa to keep your chill vibes.

Gemini: Double trouble. Make up your mind. You are either an adagio girl or bravura. Stop flip flopping. Just kidding. Do it all in two tones. Customize your two tone Yumiko to suit your personality.

Cancer: We knoooooow. You can read the room. Read the room in seamed velvet camisole leotard from Bloch.

Leo: Red carpet glam is your thing, but it’s not a gala, it’s just class. Take the spotlight, like usual, in style. Hit them with the new Nikolay World Klimpt inspired Black Label Leotard.

Virgo: We get it. You have the best technique in the school. Weeee knooow Maureen. Hit them with that classic white Wear Moi.

via Gfycat

Libra: You can balance. Live your Rose adage life. Balance in class in Suffolk’s White Nights II sweetheart tank leotard.

Scorpio: mmmm hmmmm. Give the kids a little somethin’ somethin’ to talk about in Jule Dancewear made by Julia Cinquemani.

Sagittarius: No, we aren’t going to give you a backstory. No there isn’t a character for you to dive into. It’s just barre. Find your inner character and inner story through the many different prints from Chameleon made by ABT’s April Giangeruso.

Capricorn: You can put your A Ballet Education planner away. We know you are organized, and we know you are the one we will go to when it comes to formations. Serve all the looks in this matching leotard and skirt set from So Danca.

Aquarius: We knooooow. We will recycle. You can put your hydroflask away, and your recycled nylon bag away. We get it. You recycle. Check out Cloud and Victory’s The Wave.

Pisces: Are you even paying attention in class? Who knows? Check yourself out in this Koi fish print from Lucky Leo, but it’s sold out. Bummer.