The Summer Intensive Packing List

Right now, ballet kids are all getting ready to head out to their respective summer courses, unless you are attending Ballet West, then you start today. But, if you forgot anything, thank goodness for Amazon Prime. Here are some things to bring that you will most likely need.

Dance Shoes (Make sure you have character shoes if you are participating in character classes)
Extra Ballet Shoes (In case they rip, get lost, get wet, or who knows)
Extra Tights (Because they are bound to rip)
Leotards (Follow the respective uniform, but then fun leotards so you can take cool pictures around the city)
Warm-Ups (Because you can’t just walk around in the real world in tights)
Rehearsal skirt or tutu (Check to see if you will need one for performances or pas de deux, or for photos)
Real People Clothes (Because you can’t live in Dancewear)
-Dance Bag Stuff: Yoga Mat, Water Bottle, Theraband, Foot Roller (Make sure you write your name on them)
Personal Items: Brush, hairpins, comb, towel, pool towel, deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, antiseptic wipes, bandaids, ibuprofen, perfume/cologne, hair grooming products, and don’t forget a bathroom basket… and if you share bathrooms, shower shoes!)
Make Up: for photos, for classes, and in case you have a showcase, pull out them falsies.
Snacks (if you are allowed to have them in your dorm room)
Entertainment & Technology (A book, journal, computer and don’t forget the charger, an extra phone charger, because you will lose one. Don’t forget a portable phone charger just in case you have outings, no one wants to be without their phone.)
Thank You Cards (it’s polite at the end of the summer course to give your teachers a thank you card, plus it helps them remember you)

Here are some things to bring, or Prime for your perfect summer away. You will probably not think of all of these.

Ziplock Bags…. store your leftover food, store your bobby pins… whatever it may be, ziplock bags are always somehow needed.

Arnica Gel, IcyHot, Bengay, or Bio Freeze… just in case. Ease up the soreness.

VITAMINS!!! You will be around new people, new places, and new cooties. Covid aside, no one wants to get a cold while at a summer course!

Laundry Pods and a Laundry Hamper. No one wants a mess in a tiny dorm.

And finally, for some reason, and it could just be me... I constantly am losing socks.