Super Dads…

ballet dads

Today is a sad day… Today is my Dad’s birthday and Father’s day week. I lost my dad two years ago to cancer. So, this post is dedicated to all the ballet dads out there. For the dads who drive everyone around, build props, finance summer intensives, brings you dinner, takes you shopping, pays your tuition, and pays for privates. For the dads who dance with their kids in the living room on Sunday mornings, to the dads who make you laugh, to the dads who try really hard to relate to your ballet problems but have no clue what they are talking about. To the dads who give you massages when your calves and cramping, to the dads who learn to sew to help you with your pointe shoes. To the dads who stick around all night at the studio, to the dads who are brave enough to let their kids leave home at 13ish. To the dads who bring you coffee and food. To the dads who are both mom and dad, and still make it possible for their kids to dance.  To the dads who silently sit and watch you, pretending they aren’t interested but don’t leave the studio because they want to know you are safe…

This post is dedicated to all the professional ballet dancers who are dads, who are raising their kids and dancing at the same time. To the ballet dancer dad who isn’t afraid to admit that they are professional ballet dancers, and make time to take their kids to school and still be in company class. To the ballet dancer dads who have a late night performance but facetime their kids before they are tucked into bed, while they are on intermission.

This is also for all of the men who aren’t dads, who can’t be dads… This is for spoiling your nieces and nephews. This is dedicated to the men who play dad to kids without dads. This post is dedicated to the men who are single, because they are selfish and strong enough to say that they aren’t ready, or want kids. That takes a lot of strength too.

This post is for the moms who have to be both mom and dad- this one is for you too.

This is also for all of the kids without dads- if you have lost a parent it is really hard. If you lost a parent while you are young, my heart is heavy for you. If you lost your dad recently, I am sorry because I know what it is like for the world to constantly seem too fast or too slow, or that because of his passing- all time is measured from the point you lost him. I’m sorry.

(Pic was colored in by my niece)