How is your week?

a Ballet Edcuation Planner 2

Ballet is busy! Most professional dancers are the middle of the busiest time of year for a company. Most students are in the middle of auditions and preparing for the YAGP. It can get a little chaotic… okay a lot chaotic. The first round of planners is now available, and I want your feed back, so feel free to message me with suggestions, ideas, and comments. Don’t forget to tag me in your photos or use #aballeteducation on Instagram so I can see your pages!!

a ballet education planner 3


 Don’t worry guys, I’ve got you covered. Week four!! Manly Ballet.

male ballet


Ballet Day Planner Kits!!!

Pull out your Gel Pens like it is 2001! A Ballet Education Day Planner Kits are now available and ready to use right away. Just click to buy, download, print and plan away!


I was going crazy because my students weren’t writing their corrections down… So, I started making a book for them to keep track of their work… and then I got a little carried away and was like, “These are really cute. I want one.”

So there are three packs available.

The first is the Look of the Day Packs. Designed on the more modern side of life.
10 Printable pages including:
(1) Month Page
(2) Weekly Pages
(1) Goal Planner
(1) Crosstraining Page
(5) Daily Page

The Second Kit: Starter Pack! (click here to buy)
10  printable pages of goodness. Definitely designed for the younger dancer.
(1) Monthly
(4) Weekly/ Daily Details Overviews
(1) Homework Tracker
(1) Social Media Tracker
(3) Detailed Weekly Planners
starter pack preview

Finally, the one that I think most students will want the most… the Technique Tracker. 7 Printable pages to keep track of your corrections, daily progress, and just keep track of your busy ballet life. (Click here to buy)

ballet technique tracker

Get ready for Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Ballet Teacher Problems Pack and Fat Panda Packs along with Technique Tracker Week 2! Stay up to date with the Planner Packs by entering your email below and enter a chance to win the FULL MONTH SWAN LAKE PLANNER, printed bound and ready to go!