Get all 4 of a Ballet Education’s Guides for $19.99 Once purchased you will be emailed a link to digitally download the books. The Guide to Variations The Guide to … Continue reading BLACK FRIDAY


The New Ballet Bodies

Each era, ballet redefines the role of a male ballet dancer. The last era, was the era of gods, Fernando Bujones, Jose Mannuel, Ethan Stiefel, David Hallberg, Steven McRae, Jonathan Stafford … Continue reading The New Ballet Bodies

Let the boy dance

His face was pressed against in the glass, Fingers spread wide, tapping to the muffled sound of the music. His mind was racing back and forth between reality, and fantasy. … Continue reading Let the boy dance

Fantastic Five: 5 Really Great Male Variations

In the world of ballet, variations define a dancer’s career. As artists a variation is the one moment where technique, artistry and years of daunting rehearsals finally meet. A 2-3 Act … Continue reading Fantastic Five: 5 Really Great Male Variations

Manly Ballet… Part Two

So, you have a beard, you drink independent craft beers, and on the weekends you are hiking, rock climbing or making funny Youtube Videos. What does this all mean? You … Continue reading Manly Ballet… Part Two

THE FUTURE OF BALLET: The Cirio Collective

The Cirio Collective if the first of five start ups I am going to endorse/plug/support throughout the year. To donate click here. While it is important to be educated in … Continue reading THE FUTURE OF BALLET: The Cirio Collective