Happy Early Mother’s Day…

Happy Mother’s Day!!! (I’m posting early so I can spend this weekend with my mom *smiles*) And in honor of all of the ballet mom’s here is an old post dedicated to you! But this mother’s day I am dedicating it to all of the mom’s who are ballet dancers… First off, bravo you for pushing a baby out, but then going back to ballet, or even doing ballet up until delivery… Seriously… major props to you… Not only is being a ballet dancer hard, but juggling real life and ballet is hard enough… I couldn’t imagine juggling a baby too!!! Sooooo

I just finished the deal, but here are the new products in our store…. 3 SUPER CUTE baby onsies… They aren’t organic, sorry… They are actually 100% Spun Poly… in the sizes 3M, 6M, 12M, 18M, 24M- with the optional matching tulle tutu skirt on elastic… And by no means is the tulle pleated or anything like that… It is literally a DIY tutu… but it keeps the price down on all these hand designed things… Literally it would be like wearing one of my doodles/brushstrokes in real life… So here they are, available for preorders, shipping JUNE 1:

Ballet Baby

ballet baby

Serenade Baby


Princess Aurora


For the Moms…

ballet moms thank you

Dear Dance Moms (and dads),

I would just like to take the time today and say thank you. Thank you for forcing us to go to class when we didn’t want to, when we needed the shoulder to cry on because we don’t have perfect turnout, for driving us to and from class everyday, driving us to auditions, paying for summer programs, countless pairs of tights and shoes…. Thank you you for massaging out the knots, for all of the chiropractor appointments, for the sacrificing of the thousands of dollars it takes to study ballet, for rhinestoning all the tutus, for dying all of the random things, for buying me that leotard I needed to stand out at an audition in… Thank you for teaching me how to do a bun, for coming to every show, for paying me to fly all over the world to audition, and buying me those special protein bars that are low carb…

Without you & dad I would have never made it. Even though growing up I would accuse you of being a ballet mom, hovering at the window…

And so on… It is your day and I love and appreciate you.

NYT feature on SAB boys for Nutcracker.
NYT feature on SAB boys for Nutcracker.

Now, I would like to take the time and thank my mom who had no clue about ballet for letting me pursue it.  Then I would like to thank all of the moms who have helped me on my way. Thank you for all the rides, thank you for all the custom knit leg warmers and warm ups, thank you for all the advice you gave me and thank you for always helping me. I really did have a lot of ballet moms in my life, that I am very grateful for.

I hope all of you mom’s out there have a fantastic MOTHER’S DAY!!!

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