Not Bad.

After two hip surgeries, and not dancing in like 5 years, and gaining like 20 pounds… Exploring Arabesque on the beach while storming… On another note, I hope you had … Continue reading Not Bad.


Manly Ballet… Part Two

So, you have a beard, you drink independent craft beers, and on the weekends you are hiking, rock climbing or making funny Youtube Videos. What does this all mean? You … Continue reading Manly Ballet… Part Two


So, I have decided to launch a few big things for a Ballet Education, and I hope they are helpful… But, unfortunately it will take a little bit of capitol. … Continue reading BIG THINGS FOR A BALLET EDUCATION

The Return: A Ballet Education

… I thought I was going to be giving this up, and I thought I would leave my nightly rants to Facebook… BUT THEN a ballet company finally replied to … Continue reading The Return: A Ballet Education