A Ballet Talk: Summer Intensives

Hey ABE Readers,

I have been getting a huge influx of emails regarding summer intensives and asking for advice about auditions, where to go, and concerns that are growing in the Ballet Community/Industry. If we talk about summer intensives from when I grew up, or anyone who went to a summer program ten years ago, the game is SOOOO different now. And be careful, a lot of summer intensives are only built for money.

It isn’t a secret that the ballet industry itself is hurting, big time. This is why more and more schools are opening lower age divisions, offering multiple locations, and trying to reach as many students as possible… it just simply means money.

It makes me wonder if we are losing the prestige of ballet because we are trying to accommodate everyone. The problem? We are accepting thousands of girls into summer courses with very few jobs out there. It has always been this way, but it seems that jobs are becoming fewer and fewer, but summer courses and programs becoming larger and larger.

IF your purpose of attending a summer program is to just enjoy the experience and have the ability to learn from different teachers, than by all means… Go for it. But, if your purpose of a summer course is to further your training, be seen by schools, get a scholarship and be asked to go year round… different story.

What age is it appropriate to go away for the summer?
When should you go away?
Where should you go away to?
What are you going to be getting at a summer course?
What should each age group be focused on in terms of training?
What are some of the goals long term for a summer student?
Why are we all in a rush?
Diversity? Cross Training? Moving the art for forward?
Picking the right program? Finances, distance, training, hours, cost?
Things to Remember at a Summer Course?

These are all questions, that are up for discussion…. so, Rasta Thomas and I decided to have a little (kind of long, but funny) talk.


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Contemporary Ballet Summer Intensives 2018

Love ballet but want to branch out into other things? I feel you. With the ballet job market diversifying, it’s practical for dancers to want to explore other genres. Summer is the perfect time to tap into other genres of dance, especially blended genres of ballet. Here are some great programs that take the best of Ballet and combine them with other styles and approaches to movement. Here are some of the best programs the US has to offer with ratings. (*=1 star, **=2 star, ***3 star)
Contemporary Ballet Summer Intensives

  1. Hubbard Street (Chicago, IL)***
    Intermediate/Advanced: June 11-22, June 25-July6, August 6-10***
    Advanced: June 25-July 20***
    Pre-Pro: July 9-August 3***
  2. Summer Dance Intensive (Juilliard/NYC)***
    July 8-21, 2018 (ages 15-17)***
  3. Alonzo King’s LINES (San Francisco, CA)***
    Pre-Professional: June 4 – 30***
    Advanced: July 9 – August 6**
    Junior: July 2 – 6*
  4. Master Ballet Aacademy (Scottsdale, AZ)**
    June 11-22**
    albert blaise cattafi copy
  5. Ballet Austin (Austin, TX)***
    Senior Intensive: June 25-July 13 & July 16-August 3***
    Junior: August 6-17
  6. The Ailey School (NYC)**
    June 25-August 3
  7. Ballet X (Philadelpha, PA)**
    June 4-16, 2018
  8. Ballet Hispanico  *
    ChoreoLaB: June 18-29 (18+)
    SI: July 16-August 3
  9. UNCSA/NCSA (North Carolina)**
    Contemproary: June 17-July 21
    Choreographic Professional Residency in Contemporary Ballet
    Choreographic Development Residency
  10. Complexions Intensives *
    NYC July 2-13
    Detroit June 16-29
    Los Angeles July 16-27
    Dallas June 4-15
    Pittsburgh July 30-August 3

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