A Ballet Education’s Official Teacher Course. This course is a 4 day workshop where teachers will get to see, practice, and participate in A Ballet Education’s curriculum levels 1-3. This course is designed to help facilitate placement, technique, and artistry in the most efficient and healthy way possible. 

teach with passion

Teaching ballet isn’t easy. Often, we are discouraged because we aren’t seeing results quick enough. A Ballet Education’s methodology gives you instant results, and allows students to see progress over time.

Clean and classical

Classical ballet framework is often forgotten because the demands of classical ballet. In this course, we keep the technique simple and clean so students can stay focused and move through the technique. 


Ballet at the end of the day has to be attractive, beautiful, and wonderful to watch. Artistry comes from within, but helped through the subtlety of placement, alignment, and coordination.


This four day course starts December 27-December 30 in Scottsdale Arizona at A Ballet Education’s The Ballet Clinic. 

Teachers may watch the Winter Intensive that occurs every morning from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. David King and Ashley Baker will be teaching beginning and advanced female students.

From 2:00-5:00 PM each day, teachers will be shown how we teach certain techniques, how we align the body, foot, knee, and how we coach techniques at barre and center. This portion will also be available via Zoom.

You will also receive our curriculum and how we structure classes, and progress the technique. 

COST: $850 /  in person or $500/ over Zoom


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