The Great Debate: Gaynor Mindens…

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The Great Debate: Gaynor Mindens…

If I had it my way, everyone would dance in Freeds. Period. Because we are a free enterprise country, there are hundreds of different pointe shoes now available. Each brand has their own series of pointe shoes, and each pointe shoe has a “different personality” to accommodate a dancer’s needs. One of those needs is money… Pointe shoes don’t come cheap, and as a result, the Gaynor Minden was born… 

Some call it the cheater shoe, some call it flat out ugly, and some are for it because their feet are so good. Professionals around the world of adapted to Gaynors and the company didn’t waste anytime by capitalizing on that. Premiering with Gillian Murphy of ABT, and the release of the Ballet Companion, snagging dancer.com and using well known principal dancers as their ads… Gaynor Minden INC knew what they were doing. As a business, they are successful. The bigger question, is how do we look at Gaynors? Should students be allowed to wear Gaynors? Should more pointe shoe companies offer indestructible shoes regardless of compromising the look of the shoe?

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an interview with Eliza Gaynor Minden. (click here)

a funny commentary via the youtube:

Nike Arc Angel, a dummy design by a graphic artist, but interesting concept…



3 responses to “The Great Debate: Gaynor Mindens…”

  1. In my experience with Gaynors, you’re either up on pointe or down. I don’t see the suppleness and articulation of the foot as well in them. I personally never liked the looks of them, even on a beautiful foot and they just seem clunky. I would never put a student beginning on pointe in them. Just my opinion 🙂

  2. I wear gaynor mindens and I have very archy feet and wear the 2nd softest shank. I feel Iike these shoes have made me a lot stronger cuz I really have to use my feet. Overall I love the shoe. 😉

  3. Freeds owned my feet, but I do love Gaynors–in the two lightest shanks. I see dancers want these crazy strong shanks nowadays, and I am not sure why. Go with the lightest shoe, and let your feet do their job. I will add that Gaynors have to be very precisely sized, or they are absolute shit!