The New Ballet Bodies

Each era, ballet redefines the role of a male ballet dancer. The last era, was the era of gods, Fernando Bujones, Jose Mannuel, Ethan Stiefel, David Hallberg, Steven McRae, Jonathan Stafford and Marcelo Gomes. .. With classical Greek body types, each of these men represented the best of the best, but once again ballet has evolved, and over the past five years we have seen a new breed of male ballet dancers. While the former generation has taken jobs as Artistic Directors, these young men have already started their own artistic vision. The next group of ballet dancers became slightly leaner and slightly longer like James Whiteside, Roberto Bolle, Alexandre Hammoudi… I was going to include some men from Paris Opera buuuuut they have always been kind of on the skinny and sleek side. Now we are seeing the new male body type… They are like Italian sports cars, versus Greek gods. They are shorter, more compact, lean, sleek and have powerful engines. Not only do they possess all these qualities but they are also creating their own space for movement, artistic expression etc- like Jeffery Cirio, former Principal Boston Ballet now a soloist at ABT and Daniil Simkin, Principal ABT. I think they are like the predecessors for the next male body type. While the ranks of ballet companies are filled with the sleeker longer bodies of men like Roberto Bolle and James Whiteside, I think these bodies will slowly be replaced by these now thinner, sleeker bodies. How this is going to affect women? I don’t know? Currently in fashion, we are going through the same aesthetic… where male models are as thin or thinner than female models….