Today at Barre


Life happens. It throws you into a whirlwind of chaos, and it is hard to find something to grab onto. Well, it is a good thing we have a barre. Or, if you are really intense you could go just go to a bar. Regardless, ballet does not change. No matter what is going on in my life I can always count on a ballet class. I know the order of the combinations, I know that it will never change. After a very crazy week, barre today saved me.

You can always use more turn out.

You can always point your feet a little harder.

You can always stretch your body a little further.

You can always push your jump a little higher.

You can always dance a little more musical.

Yup, ballet class literally never changes. No matter what school, company or studio you go to, ballet class is always the same. First, I stood in first position, and wiggled around to feel my legs, and placed my left hand at barre. The music started and I prepared, rotating my out, pressing my knees back, and releasing into the first demi plié, I felt my troubles melting away. By the end of the first side, the rest of the world didn’t matter. I was so focused on opening my hips, and the coordination of my arms that nothing else really mattered. By tendus I was completely into the ankles, and the articulation of my feet. By frappés I completely forgot what was happening in my own life, and it was more important for me to stay out in the dégagé for a hair longer than the count. That is the funny thing about being inside the studio, nothing else matters and it is always reliable. Even if your body isn’t working, or you are not on your leg, or your muscles are tight, ballet class has a way of quietly making the world make sense.