Today’s Ballet Class …

With less than 24 hours before I go to the YAGP, the nerves have started to build up. Between stressing over cab fares, packing, and not being able to fit into any of my ridiculously overpriced suits… I needed to get away… So, I went to a ballet class. A very dependable ballet class. I knew the combinations were going to be pretty, and I could do my own thing.

So, besides the fact that I became extremely hungry after bar as I didn’t eat breakfast… I was surprised during my warm up to see another friend from CPYB. It now means, I believe just from people I went with… there is like, I dunno, 8 of us in the Phoenix area. Okay, so today’s warm up was brought to you by the music of Clean Bandit ft Sean Paul & Anne-Marie…. This Rockabye song is super catchy.

Class was pretty good, my hamstrings are still really tight and so are my hips. But regardless, it was a great class… annnnnd…. I MADE IT THROUGH THE ENTIRE CLASS…. despite the awful dry heat of Arizona, and my fat panda body being everywhere… I made it through the entire class… I’m going to credit my spiffy moss green RubiaWear legwarmers. While this class isn’t the most accurate in technique and precision it focuses a lot on movement quality, it is why he is such a big name in Arizona. It was nice… My feet only cramped twice, which is a considerable decrease from last week.

Now if only ballet class let you shed 10 pounds so you could button your suit pants… then I would be all set.

I did not attempt my splits yet, mostly because I don’t want to be emberassed hahaha. I will probably try them in a couple of weeks when my body becomes a bit more pliable. I have been kind of stretching more, and rolling out more as well. Hopefully soon my body will feel bendable. Right now it just feels like a stiff log.

Tonight, I interview Larissa Savielev, founder of the YAGP on the phone before I go.

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  1. David, your honesty and realness (that’s a word, right?) just makes my heart so happy! Thank you for sharing yourself with us.❤