Today’s Ramblings… 4.6.17

Company Class

Wow, I had an anonymous person donate to my YAGP FUND... That is crazy amazing. This person asked to remain anonymous, but it was extremely generous as it came from halfway around the world… One down, 7 to go!

On another note, I started doodling today but was interrupted by the postmaster, which was a good surprise. My new legwarmers finally came after a mix-up at the post office. I was supposed to take class tomorrow, but I think I am coming down with something, so I have been essential oiling it up today. I attempted to stretch but my lower back is really hurting… usually happens when I get sick.

Secondly, I woke up from a nap today with all of the Syria stuff going on… SMH… That just made my head hurt even more.

Thirdly… and I don’t even know if it is appropriate to even be talking about my personal life on my blog… But I Feel like my life has spun out of control. I moved to Arizona for a job, and gave up a great life in Los Angeles… I gave my job 3,000% and then shit went sideways. So, now unemployed, slightly confused, and hustling my butt off to make ends meet… I wonder if I should just go back into fashion or keep pushing the blog head on. I mean I have the technical book that I have been killing myself over, the nutcracker book, and now another book that I didn’t write… So, it seems like maybe I can turn this blog and magazine into a full-time job, but it is definitely a struggle. I don’t like the starving artist life… lol… I like my fashion posh life… lol… Oh well, excuse my rambling and complaining. I know I should be so grateful for everything this blog has brought me, and I am. It really does come from a sincere place. Just a new place in my life.

On another note, I get to do some cool illustrations for a photographer I admire. And a brand in Korea has asked to use my fashion illustration of their brand. Again, a lot to be grateful for. Now hoping to get to the YAGP.