Trying to Survive a Week…

As the first real work week has unfolded, I have been dying… I am still behind from Nutcracker… but for the mosts part, things are managing out pretty well. 

This week on Instagram I illustrated @Chunner / @gabriel.stoyanov / @jamesbwhiteside. I have coached 8 private lessons, as the YAGP SEMI-FINALS have started. Working on an exceptional Ballet Gala. Started going to the Gym again to lose more weight, and trying to maintain a healthy diet while quitting smoking. I lost a bunch of weight finally, and I don’t want to gain it back since I have quit smoking.


Gluten Free Vegan Toast with Avocado, Hummus, Arugala, and Spring Onions

adult male ballet

I also have been hitting the gym and started to ease my way back into ballet classes. Truthfully, I can only get through pliés and tendus before my body just completely shuts down. I am beyond exhausted, and truthfully, I probably needed a longer break from ballet… but here I am at the Starbucks working on Issue 8 featuring Adiarys Almeida and Taras Domitro.