Two Years Ago… a ballet education was born…

happy anniversary a ballet education

Two years ago, to the day… I was stagnate at a high profiled job in Los Angeles… I had lost my dad to cancer … I was kind of a mess. I missed ballet so I took class, and decided to vent about ballet politics… Mostly my frustration with ballet’s artistic directors, the racism, the favoritism, the jobs… etc… So, a Ballet Education was born…

Two years later, I have reached 1.3 million followers across the world…

I have now done work for American Ballet Theatre, Covet Dance, and numerous other ballet organizations, have two doodle books out, about to release the Nutcracker book… Helped kids go to summer intensives, donated to GLAAD, and now about to write a check to Ballet Theatre of Indiana.  I am about to launch ballet’s newest magazine, have a successful line of products, and am about to move to Chicago.

IMG_9366abt at the met

The move is scary… it is actually really scary. I just know that it has to happen. I have already put in my apartment up- I am in the process of selling everything in hopes to move to Chicago and making the magazine stronger and more well connected… And truthfully, I am being selfish and I want to go back home…

It could be destiny- it could be fate- it could be hard work- I just know that I want more for ballet, I want more out of the ballet world.

But, I wanted to say thank you to all of you followers… without you, this wouldn’t be possible. I hope that it continues to grow and I hope that all of you continue to enjoy the blog. I want to say thank you to everyone who is writing for the magazine… but specifically, I want to thank the following people for being so supportive over the past two years:

Alexandra Rose, for always believing that I should follow my passion, for being so supportive of everything I do
Jennifer Laurie, for giving me the chance to dance and always being so supportive
Suzanne Linden, for always letting me fall on you, and taking a risk and hiring a dance teacher so young…
Donna King, for giving me my life in America and letting me dance- and for being my mom… I know I was a difficult kid.
CJ Perez, for being one of the best friends I will ever have in my life.
Edgar, because you are the homie.
Susie Boyland, for being the first person to really believe in my blog and for your contributions to the blog.
Colette Posse, for jumping on board with my crazy ideas.
Jacquelyn Bernard, for being a part of my crazy life for the past 6 years going from student to dancer, to educator.
Bethanne Black, who literally has been my left leg to lean on during this production of a Ballet Education.
Emily Kadow, for jumping into the unknown with me.
And to all of my friends in the dance world who have helped me out, connected me, and inspired me to change ballet.

It is scary to be moving back… literally with nothing… I have built an entire life here in California, and a beautiful life at that… but in order to be great, or to have something you have never had before… You have to do something that you have never done before… You have to be fearless… and most of all you have to passion. Thank you again… everyone… These past two years has been a roller coaster. As a thank you- all posters are half off. Click here to shop. (For those of you who ordered the pirouette poster, I made a mistake and printed the one with the ugly watermarks- but just picked up the new ones without the ugly watermark. Edgar will be mailing them out Monday!!)

As to answer your questions about the magazine… Our first issue is already extremely content packed! And for those of you who have already guessed… the magazine’s name is going to be titled a Ballet Magazine… Due to unforeseen things… Our cover story will feature the super talented Allynne Noelle… The magazine will feature a ton of my doodles and illustrations, but also feature beautiful editorials… Here is a preview of what is going to be in our September Issue! Don’t forget to subscribe! $19.99/for the year (6 issues)
allynne copy copy
Thank you again. 


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  1. I hope the magazine will be on line as I live in South Africa and would really like to subscribe. I wish you all the strength on your new direction.