We Did It! A Ballet Foundation

Thank you to everyone out there who helped crowd fund for Marcus Ian Taylor and Noah Campbell. Both boys have successfully reached their goals! Together, the ballet community has raised over 60k in 1 month to help these boys!

Because of A Ballet Foundation (A Ballet Education’s Scholarship Fund), we have been successful over the years helping students financially and using our platform to help fundraise for them. So we wanted to make sure we put out a big thank you!

We will now be moving on to three girls who need our help. We are currently in the process of working with their parents and ballet schools to start their GoFundMe Pages. If you need financial assistance, please don’t hesitate to write in, but we do have some guidelines: You must be a attending an internationally recognized professional school, you must be able to disclose your finances, you must show you have already applied for financial assistance at the ballet school you wish to attend, and you must be able to demonstrate your capabilities, must actively work with us to build your fundraising campaign. (email us)

Okay, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor/donor to our foundation. We are currently in the process of creating our board. Our board seats are based on “give our get” $20,000, our Young Professionals board (ages 40 and under) the donation is $5,000. Our foundation is not here to fundraise for The Ballet Clinic, or A Ballet Education, the goal and mission of our foundation is to help students who can not afford ballet at these elite institutions who have demonstrated the potential to make a career inside of ballet. If you are interested in donating, or joining our board please email us here.

In the past, A Ballet Education Scholarship Recipients have remained anonymous, but moving forward we will be listing those who have received financial help through A Ballet Education.