Wednesday Thoughts…

wednesday blues.jpgHello there ballet lovers, ballet dancers & balletomanes …
Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while… But between my birthday and my personal life, I have been quite busy. Today has gotten me down… So as I sit here in my office listening to Rhapsody in Blue, quick sketched this little doodle.  I have been teaching a lot lately, mostly coaching for the YAGP finals next month and getting a young batch of girls ready to go away for the summer. I am actually pretty proud of my students this year: this year I am sending students to SAB, Houston Ballet, Ballet Chicago, the Rock School, Joffrey NY and Arizona Ballet. Pretty happy with these results as this is our first year, and for most of them, it is their first year auditioning.

Tickets to the YAGP finals went on sale today, but since I haven’t raised that much money that has been slightly down. There is something major happening in my life, that has affecting me greatly and deeply. A friend of mine is 25, and losing his battle to AIDS via various infections and PCP… I can’t help but think how fragile life is… and as much as it pains me to say: how insignificant ballet is in the larger picture. Don’t get me wrong, I love ballet, and I love the art… I love art in general, and I definitely think art brings the passionate side of humanity out… But… There are a lot of things happening in the world… a lot of things we could be doing to affect change… Don’t get me wrong… I am all about the changes in ballet… race, ethnicity, gender… but human kind’s problems seem a little more important at the moment.

A good friend of mine once told me that to affect change in the world is almost impossible, but to affect people’s lives you just have to be yourself.

And that is all we can do… be the best version of ourselves and hope that we make a difference.

Our next corps de ballet confessional comes out tomorrow!

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One response to “Wednesday Thoughts…”

  1. I am sorry you are down, and understandably so with the battle your friend is facing. Thank you for your blog, it has been a gift to me as a new to ballet mom.
    The accomplishments of your students intensive auditions are wonderful! You must be a great teacher.
    Your doodles are absolutely the best ballet art. I love them!