What am I looking for in Video Auditions…

Here is what I am looking for in video submissions for all ages:

15+ (Pre Pro Trainee Program) =  do the full video en pointe

Clean Pliés / Full potential or maximum rotation /  coordinated port de bras with eyeliner

Tendus / fully turned out, maximum range of motion / please see my notes on tendu

Dégagés / see above

Pas de cheval / articulation of the foot and accent

Rond de Jambes / Turnout coordination from the hips

Adagio / Adage / height, musicality, and the underside of the leg working


Adagio / Strength and coordination … preferably with a developpé side, a ronverse, and penché
Pirouettes: triples outside, inside, double attitude en dedan

Petit Allegro: with beats, full thigh crossing

Grand Allegro: fully split sautéchat, tour jete/entrelace,

Boys: clean double tours,

What am I looking for? Clean technique, working from the backside of your legs, strong turnout, good feet, hypermobility, elongated backs and necks, relaxed shoulders, musicality, timing, precision of technique, potential and ability…. preferably on the taller side of life, but open to all. ANB’s corps varies but on the taller side compared to most companies.

Ages 11-14: I am looking for kids with the potential to learn, clean technique, and have a natural gift towards music. I am looking for students who have the potential to grow at ANBC and eventually into ANB dancers. If you don’t know how to use the backs of your legs or facilitate your turn out perfectly, it’s okay… I will teach you. I want to see you move… I want to see your body in action, hopefully you are flexible.

Ages 10 and under: strong facility, flexibility, proportionate for their age.

3 responses to “What am I looking for in Video Auditions…”

  1. That’s very helpful! I’m 14 and next year is my auditions year! I’m very excited and ready to work as much as I can. Thank you for writing this post so I know what to focus on more!

  2. I haven’t had time to read this blog recently and just saw this post. Is it possible for me to send in a video and have you critique it?