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Creating a magazine isn’t easy. Creating a successful magazine is even harder. Creating a successful magazine that you believe will last is almost impossible. And according to Forbes, 90% of startup magazines fail… Which isn’t very promising, but since my first publication went six years, I am pretty optimistic about this one. The creation of a magazine isn’t something that happens on a whim. To be successful you have to be smart, you have to be cunning, but most of all you need to understand your potential readers… Okay, so it also helps that the blog is pretty successful, especially because I am not sponsored by ads.

A lot of you are wondering what the magazine will be like… and what a Ballet Education is planning, so I am going to give you some of the rundown of what has happened over the past week since I announced the coming of the magazine…

The magazine is going to be cool, chic, and very clean. We aren’t going to have bright colored gimmicks, and loud things popping up at you. Balanchine had this idea of stripping ballet to the bare minimums, and I am going to do the same for the magazine. The magazine will be at the bare basics of publishing: good, bold, powerful, controversial content. The covers are being stripped of taglines and headers and it will truly be about the art of the photographer, ballet dancer, editorial team working together.

ballet education

Every issue’s cover will be timeless, and done in black and white. The idea behind each issue, is that it is not just a periodical, capturing what is happening in ballet, but it is a resource. That each issue is going to be a resource for everyone. From young students, to older students, to professional dancers, to ballet educators… The idea is to create each issue as a valuable resource. Sure, it will be filled with ads, but ads we believe in. Products that we think ballet dancers, ballet parents and ballet go-ers should be exposed to.

Our first issue is turning into a huge collaboration of voices and ideas, people and pedagogy. And everyone is doing it for free. It is kind of crazy the amount of time and energy everyone is willing to invest to be behind me, this idea and this aesthetic.

Jacquelyn Bernard is becoming our Features Editor, while Bethanne Black takes on the role of Assignments Editor. Additionally, we are welcoming Emily Kadow as one of our style editors. Our first issue revolves around the idea of starting, beginnings, the basics, things of the nature of One…

If you would like to be a part of a Ballet Education’s first issue here are some ways and how to’s:

For writing submissions please contact Bethanne, you can email her at: bethanne@aballeteducation.com

For photography submissions, or photography assignments please contact us with your portfolio. As soon as I find a creative director, I will be able to give you a POC.

For product submissions either for editorial or review, please mail them to:
A Ballet Education
PERRIS, CA 92571

For advertising, please click here to view our media kit. Or email CJ@aballeteducation.com

To subscribe to a Ballet Education please click here.

Also, my Nutcracker Children’s book is coming along really well… Most of the pages are sketched out, and now it is just time to color them all in… It is due to hit stores November 1, 2016 in hardcover. I am currently working on coloring in Chinese…

scenes from the nutcracker




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  1. Bethanne’s email link does not work… I would love to submit some work.