What should be in your dance bag… and what is in mine.

Eeesh, packing for dance class is like going on a vacation… And I should know, I just got back from vacation. But, as my journey to getting in shape continues, so does my dance bag and my pre-rituals before a class. As a student, my bag would be pretty full, as a professional dancer I got a locker, and now as an adult, I have to heave practically a luggage set around. So, what is it like for me to go to ballet class? It is exhausting… but worth it.

Before class, I have a banana, yogurt, my vitamins that include glucosamine and chondroitin, coffee, a shot of green juice, that I despise, and a shot of apple cider vinegar, that literally makes me gag. After all of that, I shower, rub my body down with essential oils, and pour myself another cup of coffee and start packing my dance bag.

Okidokie, what goes into my dance bag? 
*Foam Roller (Gaiam)
*Foot Roller (Gaiam)
*Short Legwarmer for my right ankle (Rubia Wear)
*Long Legwarmers for barre (Rubia Wear)
*Warm Up Sweats (Adidas)
*Sweater/Hoodie (Ballet Education)
*Ballet Shoes (Grishko)
*Apolla Socks for warm up and pliés
*Sewing Kit
*Back brace
*Dynamint Musculoskeletal Revitalization Balm
*Headband because I sweat like a pig, (Dollar Store)
*Sports Drink
*2 Water Bottles
*Headphones (Beats by Dre)
*Tights/Shirt/Unitard/Dancebelt (Elevé/ Wear Moi)

Yup… That’s not including if I want to do yoga before class.

So, you can pick and choose what you want or need in your dance bag but there are five things I can not live without:
-Trashbag Shorts
-Legwarmers, I prefer the Rubia Wear ones because they let you pick between extra warm, regular and lightweight fabrics.
-Foot Roller


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