The finals have started in NYC, as young dancers flood NYC. The YAGP has invited me to cover their final round, the Gala and the Julio Bocca tribute. The prices keep going up and would like to finish booking everything today… So, as I have yet to sleep, because I am trying to make this happen…. I’ve decided to put up something for sale… It is probably one of the most special things I own since creating a Ballet Education… buuut, I feel that going to the YAGP will definitely help the blog and networking… Anyways, so, I am putting up my signed copy of the Leading Ladies of PNB. There are only two other copies in existence, one went to a charity auction, the other to a Ballet Education contributor in Seattle. (click below to purchase)

leading ladies of pnb.JPG

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One response to “YAGP FINALS…”

  1. Are you judging or watching yagp? Should be a good year. I’m sure a lot of the abt/jko kids will be there. Enjoy the youth of ballet!