Dance Photographers… and the world of publishing…

As I announced on social media that I have lost the cover story to Issue 4, a huge amount of support and photographers have written in. It has been really great, but there is an issue, one that I don’t think most dance photographers realize. In publishing, there are various types of photos, and these photos usually drive a publication. But, if the photo has already been published then at best they become stock photos or eventually a part of a coffee table book. In order for a photo to make a cover, or make an editorial they have to tell a story. It doesn’t have to be a brilliant story, but it has to tell a story. One of the greatest editorial dance photographers out there is Kenneth B Edwards. His photos tell a very interesting story. You have to do that as a photographer. It isn’t just about capturing that one split second of great technique. It has to tell more, it has to be something that is a part of something. Whether it is an accessory story of legwarmers and therabands, or chronicling the day in the life of a ballerina, it has to be something special.

Secondly, it can’t already be published. That is the problem with social media accounts, that photos get published at an instantaneous rate, and unfortunately, once they are published they are no longer usable or just become stock photos on Getty Images. It is a part of the overall frustration I am having right now. They are beautiful images, but if they are already published, then they are not usable.

Another thing you can do is create stock photos, like pictures of class and tendus and all that, but they probably won’t get you a cover. You can upload these images to stock galleries like Getty Images, DreamsTime and SmugMug for people to purchase for their websites and so forth.

Finally, I am looking for something special for the covers of a Ballet Education. I don’t care about name or rank in a company, I don’t care about how flexible or how high someone can jump. I care about a photo that is going to make readers dream bigger, work harder and pursue their goals with passion and tenacity. That is what I am looking for. This is what I am looking for, if you have photos that you want me to consider, just send me the release and the images, and if a something comes up where I can use the photos then great!

Thank you.

You can email me at aballeteducation@gmail.com 

2 responses to “Dance Photographers… and the world of publishing…”

  1. Gotta disagree with your choice of best photographer.. his photos used to be interesting and dynamic at first, but now they’re kind of skeezy and leering, like an american apparel ad. Just because he gets dancers in their underwear in their bedrooms does not make it a good or interesting photograph

    • Everyone has their own opinion, and I think five photos of dancers in their bedrooms doesn’t speak for his entire body of work. His photos tell stories, they aren’t just a famous dancer, with good technique somewhere around the city