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David King, Ballet Master-in-Chief

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I started A Ballet Education because after by Dad passed away, I was directionless. What started out to be a place for me to vent soon became something bigger than I could have ever imagined. I have always loved ballet in all of it’s aspects: the art, the dancing, the teaching, the costumes, the aesthetic, the rigor and the tradition. But, like any passion, it is frustrating. I have always struggled with the body expectations and the aesthetics of it, the pedigree, the politics, racial issues, and more within the art form. Ballet is ready to evolve, now is the time to evolve. We need to include broader definitions of beauty and art. Ballet is also a business and companies, schools and studios need to evolve and embrace new tools and methods of financing and marketing for their audiences and keep them captivated. 

 I am thankful that the ballet world is listening to my voice, but I am more thankful that now more than ever, ballet is quickly evolving. A Ballet Education is here as a place to learn and grow for everyone. Thank you again for supporting this wonderful endeavor.

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